Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

As a company limited by guarantee, CMH:I is composed of members and a Board of Directors.

The Board is accountable to Members for its management of the Company’s business. Members therefore play a role in scrutinising the operation of the Company. Accordingly, the role of Members is similar to that of shareholders in a public limited company, save that Members have no financial interest in the Company. Members will perform this corporate governance role by receiving reports on the Company’s performance and by participating in Members’ conferences and in general meetings of the Company. In addition, Members have a role in: (a) approving certain changes to the Company’s constitution; (b) approving the appointment, re-appointment and removal of directors; (c) approving the Company’s annual report and accounts; (d) approving the report of the Company’s remuneration committee; and (c) approving the appointment, re-appointment and removal of the Company’s auditors.

Members are selected on merit and against objective criteria, the intention being that the Company has a membership which has the necessary skills, expertise, experience and/or capacity to contribute to these key governance roles and, in particular, to represent effectively the interests of the Church of Ireland.

If you would like to apply to become a member and help us to shape the work of CMHI and approve its accounts and governance, please email catherine @ for an application form.

Our membership policy states that our list of members will be published on our website, and that consent for this is given by applying to become a member. Our list of current members is:

  • Gordon Freeman
  • John Scott
  • Baden Stanley
  • Richard Graves
  • Enid Adair
  • Georgina Anderson
  • Hilda B Bleakley
  • Ellen Brown
  • David Caird
  • Laura Close
  • Avril Gillatt
  • Brian Harper
  • Helen E Humphries
  • Patrick W Rooke
  • Laura Scott
  • Roderic West
  • Hilary Ardis
  • Felicity Blennerhassett
  • Dermot Dunne
  • Violet Elder
  • Valerie Swanwick
  • Edward Ardis
  • Carol Casey
  • Sheila Freeman
  • David Gillespie
  • Daniel Nuzum
  • Christine O’Dowd-Smyth
  • Ruth West
  • Bruce Hayes
  • Leonard Madden
  • Stan Bloomer
  • Julie Corr
  • Kris McCaffrey