Request a Speaker or Event

How to Book

If you would like our Ministry Facilitator, Dr Iva Beranek, to speak at a service or other event, or to lead a Quiet Day, you can email Iva directly ( If you are interested in Wellspring, or Training for Prayer Ministry, if you have any other enquiries, please contact the office.

Honorarium & Expenses

CMH: Ireland is a non-profit organisation that relies on contributions to continue its work, and event honoraria are an important and much-needed source of income. We are often asked how much our services will cost, and in an effort to answer that, we offer the following:

The recommended honorarium for a one-day event is €150*, in addition to costs associated with travel and/or accommodation. However, we are sensitive to the needs of parishes with varying budgets and never want cost to be a deciding factor in bringing an event to your community. Co-hosting with another parish or group can be helpful in sharing the costs and responsibilities of hosting, but ability to pay the suggested amount is not a requirement for event booking. All honoraria should be made payable to The Church’s Ministry of Healing: Ireland (not the speaker). Our speakers do not accept honoraria for personal use.

* We are deeply grateful to parishes that make annual contributions to the ministry, and in recognition of that, we are happy to suggest a reduced honorarium of only €50 for contributing parishes.

Outreach & Publicity

At your request, CMH: Ireland will create a flyer for your event which you can print and distribute. We encourage the host to actively and broadly publicise the event. This can include sending emails, placing ads or announcements in diocesan magazines or parish newsletters, and promoting the event through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We also encourage hosts to reach out to other local churches and organisations who may be interested.